About Us

Businesses all over depend on Cumberland Sign Shop for total advertising solutions. We use state-of-the-art, computer-aided sign making systems and techniques to create high-impact, cost effective signs that produce results that our clients can get excited about.

The best part is that we do it all for you. Many of our clients just give us the text they want and at times even just the concept they are trying to convey and we do the entire thing from concept to completion, and all they do is pick up the final product and walk away with extra time to focus on their business and its demands.

We are business people with a business mind ready to help you make wise business decisions and we are compiling the experiences of thousands of business before you and the solutions we developed for them to meet your needs. We get very excited to not only just be a part of your project, but to see your reaction when you realize you have chosen the best of the best to help your business grow.

Cumberland Signs days of operation are Monday through Friday. Our lead times for installs are based on this 5 business day schedule. Meaning Saturday and Sunday are days we are shut down and they are skipped over when orders are placed or installs are scheduled. An example is an order placed on Friday has a three business day lead time. That would be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. So that order would be completed by Wednesday.

For orders that require a short lead time from the date ordered or an install on a Saturday we require you place that as a rush order.

It may seem like this is just our company setting rules that make things easier on our end but the reality is this scheduling set up is designed to keep costs down and allow our install team time to put together routes for installs that are efficient and avoid back and forth / overlap.

I thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.